Much to do!

So much going on I haven't had any time to blog! Here is a quick list of things that have happened in the last few months:

  • Moved our server room to make room for more children's space
  • Installed new firewall and DSL at one of our sites to ease the traffic on our P2P T1.
  • Tried and failed at getting a Mac server setup. Because it's a Mac shouldn't it set itself up?!
  • Planning out our new Opt-E-Man setup for multi-site video! Sweet HD video coming soon!
  • Setup new VMWare Server Host and several VM's.
  • Making progress on SharePoint and our church dashboard project.
  • Setup Cisco SSL VPN. (ASA 8.x has much better SSL VPN than 7.x!)
  • Moving from ACS to Fellowship One at the end of the month!

Hopefully more to come and some pictures!