Cisco Phones for Sale

We have finished our migration to our new MiTel phone system!  Through a mix up, we will be selling the Cisco gear ourselves. We do have a good amount of gear that we need to sell and it has been pulled from a working system running Call Manager 4.2

I have heard that most of this gear will work with SIP but I have not confirmed. It appears that you have to download the SIP firmware from Cisco (needing active support on the phone) and then flash the phone.

The servers themselves are also for sale.

Cisco Item Qty. Selling For
Server - MCS-7815-I1-UC1 1  Make Offer 
Server - MCS-7815-I2-IPC1 1  Make Offer 
Server - MCS-7825-H2-IPC1


 Make Offer 
7936 Conf. Phone 2  $          200.00
7960G 10  $            75.00
7941G 6  $            80.00
7040G 82 102  $            50.00
7920 Cordless 1  $            50.00
7014 Sidecar 2  $            50.00
7912G 41  $            35.00

For one of the 7936 Conference phones I have the additional microphones.

Buyer will pay shipping. Local pickups are welcome. PayPal preferred.

Our address is:

The Chapel
1200 American Way
Libertyville IL, 60048

If you are interested, please email ciscophones@chapel.org and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!


It's been a while!

I can't believe it's been a year since I updated my blog! This year has flown by way to fast. I've been really busy at work. In the last year, we went from 6 to 7 campuses, Setup point-to-point VPN to that campus, installed our Equallogic SAN, and we are almost done with our new phone system installation.

Also, on a personal level, my oldest child started pre-school, we found out that we are pregnant with our 3rd child, we're looking for a min-van and I've not been out running nearly as much as I had hoped this year.

I hope to do some more blog posts soon that will be helpful to others. Some ideas I have are:
  • Setting up a P2P VPN with SonicWall and Comcast
  • OSPF fail over on SonicWall firewall (there was a bug in the Firmware)
  • Our MiTel phone conversion
  • Ruckus Wireless VS Aruba Wireless
  • Cisco Voice VS MiTel Voice
We'll see how far I get on that list. :-)