SBC + Internet = Angry

I have been pretty happy with my DSL for a while now. Recently, I changed my plan to allow us to have DSL at home without having a home phone (Save big $$). I thought that my account had changed weeks ago and I hadn't had any problems nor was I told that I had to make any changes. That was until this morning.

I used my DSL connection last night to remote into work and it worked fine. This morning I discovered that I could not access the Internet or work. After troubleshooting my problem with SBC for 50 Minutes I finally got. I reset my modem and reentered some information and it's working now.

Speed test results. I guess that is what you get for only $24.99 a month.


SharePoint Training

I spent this past week at NorthWoods Church in Peoria Illinois at a FREE (for the most part) SharePoint training. I want to give big props to MindSharp and Bill English for donating their time and materials to bless 35+ church IT workers. The training was first class all the way from the accommodations to the training materials. We are planning on using SharePoint in some big ways this coming year at the church. Thanks guys!