In the distance, its, Opt-E-Man!

Soon we will have fiber run to all four of our sites! Libertyville and Mundelein are all set and Barrington should finish today. That just leaves Grayslake and we will have our end of the work done. Then it is just up to AT&T to get rolling on the fiber installs.

This will really open some doors in the future having fiber installed. We will be able to expand our bandwidth by just making a call! Of course we are at AT&T's mercy with pricing and turn around. We can only hope they will be a little quicker once the fiber is installed.


High Speed

Things have been moving along with our Opt-E-Man installation. The directional boring has been done at Libertyville and Barrington and the trenching at Mundelein is scheduled for tomorrow. After we get our conduit done we will just be waiting on AT&T.

We will also be getting Comcast cable Internet at our Mundelein campus because it is the only one that can get it. More details on that when we get it installed.

Also, today our Communications team now all have Gigabyte access to our network in their new office space. We are using an 8 port Dell gig switch and it seams to be working well.