Who would know?

If you are an IT person you know what it is like to sometimes work real hard on something that doesn't get noticed. You may take pride in that. One of our wire closets has gotten quite bad over the years and needed to be rewired. We had a switch go last week so now was the perfect time.


Not perfect but much better!


The System is Down!

Not Cool.


The ActiveSync buzz has been going on here at The Chapel since Apple announce that the iPhone would now support it. We in the IT department wanted to try and get our systems setup before the launch but just couldn't do it with everything going on. The time has come though and we have now added another level of connectedness to our Windows Mobile and Fruit Phone friends. We wanted to wait until we made the switch to Exchange 2007, but just couldn't wait that long.

Good news is that we have it setup and working now! To be honest it wasn't has hard as i thought it would be thanks to a great how to I found at http://www.petri.co.il/. The fix was pretty easy and we can now get iPhone users setup pretty quickly. One advantage the iPhone as well as Blackberry has over Windows Mobile is the uniform platform. What I mean is that I have tried to setup a few Windows Mobile devices and depending on what brand and model it is, the setup screens are different.

So, another system to support but much happier iPhone users.



I may not be the worlds worst blogger but I'm not that good. So here's an updated on what has been going on since my last post (in no particular order):

  • Found out baby Good #2 is on his/her way! ETA, some time in late May.
  • Started a MS Access class with my wonderful wife. Yes, that is a nerd date night.
  • Started a MS Access database for HR.
  • Started to Twitter.
  • Installed our first SAN @ work. Dell MD3000i.
Tonight I plan to configure Active Sync on our exchange server for all the fruit phones and Windows Mobile phones. Going to decommission a 24 pt Cisco switch that is no longer needed at our Libertyville campus and move it to our Grayslake campus and clean up wire closet. Run P2V on a server an move it to the SAN.