It's been a while!

I can't believe it's been a year since I updated my blog! This year has flown by way to fast. I've been really busy at work. In the last year, we went from 6 to 7 campuses, Setup point-to-point VPN to that campus, installed our Equallogic SAN, and we are almost done with our new phone system installation.

Also, on a personal level, my oldest child started pre-school, we found out that we are pregnant with our 3rd child, we're looking for a min-van and I've not been out running nearly as much as I had hoped this year.

I hope to do some more blog posts soon that will be helpful to others. Some ideas I have are:
  • Setting up a P2P VPN with SonicWall and Comcast
  • OSPF fail over on SonicWall firewall (there was a bug in the Firmware)
  • Our MiTel phone conversion
  • Ruckus Wireless VS Aruba Wireless
  • Cisco Voice VS MiTel Voice
We'll see how far I get on that list. :-)