Switch Port Settings for VMWare

After much time searching Google for some answers on why I couldn't get my VM's to connect to the network I finally got it to work. Let me explain. The VMWare Server install was easy. The first VM was easy. The problem came when I wanted to add another VM. I couldn't get the new VM to communicate with the network. I tried adding it to another virtual network and using the second NIC on my Dell 1750 but that only worked for one more guest VM.

The Solution?
If you have a managed switch (you probably do) you have to change the switch port that your server is connected to a TRUNK port. On my Cisco 3560G switch that meant selecting the "SmartPort" type of "Switch". All is well now. I can't wait to see how many I can host on this machine. I don't want to put any mission critical on this machine because it isn't RAID and I don't have a SAN. Hopefully that will change once I can prove that system is reliable.

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