Idea's for Projects

Just got back from the Granger IT Round Table which was awesome! Some things that I heard got me thinking of some projects.

  • Open Source Voice Mail - We have Cisco Call Manager and I don't really want to change to Asterisk because of our investment. I do however like the idea of free voice mail server with Voice Mail to Email features and Speach to Text that some offer. Cisco Unity Connection 1.x doesn't offer these or does for a big price. Working on getting our Unity Connection 1.2 to work with IMAP for voice messages. Almost there.
  • SharePoint for our Intranet and Communications team and contractors to use so that they don't have to send huge files though email.
  • Open Source hard drive imaging. Currently we are using Ghost but I don't want to buy more licenses. Something like CloneZilla.
  • More storage for our Graphics and Video guys untill we get a long-term solution. Getting a Drobo Pro to replace Buffalo Tera Station Pro II.
  • New wireless for all campuses! Looking at Aruba systems.
Going to be a fun year!

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