Power Outage

Last night we had our first winter "Storm" that consisted of some snow that then turned to freezing rain. I didn't get any email alerts so I figured all was well with our sites. I came in this morning before our first service and thought I would check the servers. The first one I logged into said it had recovered from and outage. That got me thinking, we must have lost power for a prolonged time but why didn't I get an alert? After checking the Exchange server I found out that it didn't come up fully (probably from not shutting down properly, a story for another time :-( ). I rebooted the Exchange server and it came up fine.

I knew we had a run time issue with our current UPS solution and I am in the process of getting another one. The question that I was trying to answer was how much run time do I need? To survive this latest outage I would have to have at least an hour or a generator. So, does anyone have any thoughts?

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